ArduinoDroid Usb Otg Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

Arduino Android Serial Communication using OTG cable

This a part of tutorial that showing how to use serial communication between arduino and android ( soon iOS) . to download the application ...

Android + Arduino - Droid Host for Arduino and Droid Control for Arduino

Both apps are used to remotely control your arduino project from your android device. You need 2 android devices- one that will be USB connected to the ...

Programando Arduino com o ArduinoDroid e um tablet Genesis 7305 - parte 2/2

Continuação, mas desta vez, utilizando um teclado e mouse sem fio, junto com um hub USB. Funcionou direitinho !!! Neste vídeo apresento o ambiente de ...

ArduinoDroid uploading Uno CH340G

ArduinoDroid app: uploading blink sketch to Uno CH340G demo. Sorry the camera can't focus CH340G chip, but it is: ...

How to program arduino with any android device!!!

To do the following, you need to download an app called arduinodroid from playstore thanks please like and subscribe.

CueCat Barcode Scanning from Android using Arduino

Android + Arduino + CueCat Done 100% without a computer, all on board a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 using ArduinoDroid and Android USB Serial Monitor.

ArduinoDroid uploading Mega2560

ArduinoDroid app: uploading Blink sketch to Mega2560 board.

Programming Arduino Uno from Android tablet (nexus 7) over OTG

Here's a video of me programming my arduino uno directly from my nexus 7. The code can be found at

Programando o Arduino Blackboard com tablet Genesis 7305 - Código básico BLINK

Criando um programa BLINK usando um tablet Genesis (GT-7305 / Android), a interface de programação "ArduinoDroid", uma placa Arduino Blackboard, ...

Arduino & Android communication using OTG - Android to cloud

This video demonstrate an Arduino & Android communication using OTG. The Android also connected with cloud for uploading data and receiving commands.

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